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Dress Code

We, the Gainesville City District family, aim high to create a warm and inviting environment.

We, the Gainesville City District family, aim high to create a warm and inviting environment. We want every reflection of our brand to be consistent with our tradition of excellence. As a member of this family, your appearance is a reflection of the GCSS brand and how we show up collectively is important to our community. At the same time, we want to build a district where individuality, empowerment, and inclusion are nurtured. With this balance in mind, we have updated our dress code.
Our dress code is generally based on what we like to think of as “school appropriate.” All clothing must fit modestly and provide appropriate coverage and length. Shoes should be safe for the school environment.

For further clarity it is helpful to provide examples on a “we don’t wear list.” On this list are examples of the things we don’t wear.

We Don’t Wear…
  • pajama attire, sleepwear, or bedroom footwear.
  • spaghetti straps, backless, strapless, or tank tops.
  • clothing that allows the exposure of our midriff or waist.
  • hats, caps, or hoods inside.
  • clothing in a way that reveals underwear.
  • clothing that fits immodestly.
  • clothing that causes distractions to our mission (examples: clothing with inappropriate language, pictures or symbols; clothing depicting gangs, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco; clothing that advocates/promote violence).

The school administration has the discretion to render judgments regarding what is and what is not appropriate, The administration may, if necessary, waive these policy restrictions for religious and/or medical situations. Principals and assistant principals will determine what happens when a student does not comply with our dress code. A student may be sent home to dress appropriately or may be required to wear a change of clothing provided by the school or parents/guardians.