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Welcome Red Elephant Community!

Welcome West Family,

As we approach year two in our beautiful new school, we are gifted with another exciting opportunity to achieve excellence through collaboration and teamwork with our stakeholders, community members, parents, teachers, and scholars. At GMS West, scholars are held to high academic standards and they are expected to compete with peers in the state, nation and the world. The vision for GMS West is to become a world-class school, and it is impossible without YOU!

I am looking forward to a partnership with you in order to provide the best middle school experience for your scholar. Apart from academics, your child will have the voice, choice, and ability to join clubs and athletics teams, participate in activities that will broaden their understanding of real life experiences, and opportunities to build and cultivate their leadership qualities.

The traditions you build as the Class of 2028, Class of 2029, and Class of 2030 will be your lasting legacy at Gainesville Middle School West and the community. Let your excellence shine every day!

Proud Principal Mair
Gainesville Middle School West


Welcome GMS West family, 

We are back for year two in our beautiful building, and I have the honor to serve you in a new and exciting way. I am looking forward to working with parents and the community to ensure the success of all our scholars. Let's go Big Red!

Cardiss Lee-Parker  
Assistant Principal   6th/7th/SPED  
770-532-6250 Ext. 6218


Welcome Scholars and Families,
As you enter middle school, our expectations are pushed to an even higher level. I look forward to watching you grow academically, while modeling the 4Rs- Ready, Respectful, Responsible, Role model. Go Big Red!

Andrea Loureiro
Assistant Principal  8th Grade/Exploratory/ESOL                                                                
770-532-6250 Ext. 6211